Radar Detector Audio & Visual Alert System

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LED Module- LED bulb colour Blue

Ride with confidence using the Motomounts Radar Detector Visual & Audio Alert System. Designed specifically for motorcycle use, this system adapts your car radar detector for seamless use on your bike. Featuring a powerful LED module visible in bright sunlight, and a 105 dB piezo beeper, it ensures you never miss your radar alerts while riding.

  • Uniden Radars
  • Escort Radar

We are still currently testing other radar brands.

  • 1 X Motomounts Radar Alert Module
  • 1x Piezo Beeper- Water Resistant
  • 1x LED Module
  • 1x 2-Amp Mini Blade Fuse
  • 1x 3 Position Volume Toggle Switch
  • 1x Switch mounting bracket
  • 1x Toggle Switch Rubber Cover
  • 1x Quick Splice Connector
  • 1x Radar Detector Power Cable (Only included if you selected this as an add-on)

Radar detectors are illegal in some states. Check applicable law in your state and any state in which you use this product to verify that using a radar detector and the Motomounts Radar Detector Alert system, is legal.


Never miss an alert

Instant on

Alerts you instantly. No delay


3 Volume Settings

Visual Alert

Never miss an alert with our ultra-bright LED module. Even in harsh sunlight, the LED alert remains clearly visible.

Adjustable on the go

With the volume switch at your fingertips, you can choose to mute the alert system, set it to low volume, or keep it at full volume.

Audio Alert

Regardless of how loud your bike is, whether you have an intercom playing music, or even if you're wearing earplugs, you won't miss the piezo beeper going off.


The Motomounts Radar Alert System connects to your radar detector through the audio jack. When your radar detector picks up an alert, the Alert System activates simultaneously. Whether it’s detecting a laser gun, pole camera, red light camera, or radar, the Alert System emits distinct tones for different bands, just like your radar detector, ensuring you recognise the type of alert you're receiving.

You can then mute or lower the volume of the Alert System using the switch mounted on the left handlebar.

The Radar Alert System connects to your radars AUX- headphone jack (3.5mm).

Yes, we provide a detailed instruction manual that guides you step-by-step on how to connect the Radar Alert Module to switched power (your motorcycle's ignition). However, if you're not confident working with 12v systems, we recommend having a mechanic install it for you.

We include 3M tape pre applied to the Alert Module, Led Module and Piezo beeper.

Don't worry, we have already thought of this. When you turn your motorcycle on the Radar Alert System will emit a loud beep to indicate the system is activated.

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