Motomounts was developed in response to the limited availability of mounting solutions suitable for intricately-shaped, full-face helmets. Each Motomount has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the helmet's frontal region, specifically the chin area, facilitating the effortless attachment of an action camera of your preference.

In our pursuit of addressing riders' needs, we have taken into account their desire for swift and hassle-free camera attachment and detachment. To achieve this, we have implemented the use of the triple clamp mechanism, enabling a simple twist of the knob to securely mount the camera, ensuring a seamless transition for riders as they embark on their journeys.

Motomounts have achieved widespread adoption, gracing the helmets of countless motorcycle riders across the globe. As of 2022, our mounts have been successfully dispatched to 73 countries, establishing a global presence and enabling riders worldwide to benefit from our innovative mounting solutions.

Shoei NXR Chin Mount

Designed by riders for riders 🏍️